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Severe Lower Back Pain Relief From Herniated Discs in Flint, Michigan

Oct 24

If you are suffering from severe lower back pain, the prevailing belief is that it may be due to a herniated disc. In Flint, MI, there are many options for the treatment of this condition. Some people have found relief from their chronic back pain with injections and other types of non-surgical treatments, while others have been able to go through surgery. It is important to consult your doctor in Flint, MI about all the different treatment options available in order to find the best one for you.

What is a herniated disc, and what causes it?

A herniated disc is a bulge that can happen in one of the discs between the bones of your spine. Herniated discs usually result from trauma or an accident, but degenerative changes can also cause them. The most common type of herniated disc is called "slipped (or ruptured) disc." Sometimes, this condition is referred to as a "slipped (or ruptured) intervertebral disc." This condition happens when the soft tissue of the anterior part of your spinal disk moves out through a tear in your outer annulus fibrosus, which is the tough exterior ring that surrounds the soft interior part of your spinal disk. This condition can be treated by doing herniated disc treatment Flint.

The symptoms of lower back pain from a herniated disc

Expected symptoms of a herniated disc injury include discomfort that may worsen when sitting or standing, or when getting up from a seated position, inability to bend forward, backward, or side to side without pain, pressure on the nerve roots from the herniated disc, pain in the lower back and radiating pain down one or both legs. This needs to have lower back pain remedy Flint.

How to relieve the severe lower back pain from a herniated disc

Some common causes of a herniated disc are age, injury, and genetics. A herniated disc occurs when the outer jelly-like part of the disc is pushed too far onto the next vertebra and compresses. It can also happen in people who have weak or injured muscles in their lower back and around their spine. One way to relieve the severe back pain from a herniated disc is with physical therapy. Physical therapy Flint is used when you do not show improvement when using self-help methods such as rest or medicine that does not work for you.

When to seek medical treatment for your severe lower back pain from a herniated disc 

When it comes to herniated discs, the only thing that you should do is seek medical Flint physical therapy. This is because other solutions are not recommended and can make your pain worse. When you don't get medical treatment from a physical therapist Flint for a herniated disc, it can damage the spinal cord. Try to be patient when seeking medical treatment for your lower back pain from a herniated disc. It's very common for people with this condition to be prescribed medication. Medications are meant to help reduce inflammation or swelling in the spine. Other treatments are used to treat herniated discs, but these are usually reserved for extreme cases because they can have side effects on organs in the abdomen.


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