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Nov 12

How to Trim Bushes Round: Everything You Need To Know

You'll see shrubs and hedges cut into a spherical shape in any yard. These spherical bushes look great and improve the appearance of your shrubs and hedges.


Many homeowners also like to trim their shrubs to make them more manageable. This seems like a large project at first. With the right equipment and San Antonio tree trimming you too can have beautifully manicured round bushes.


Many people are choosing to form their plants and hedges into other shapes than the spherical balls. This form of art is called topiary.


Where do I begin?

Before you begin to think about the shape and size of the hedge or bush you want to trim, it is important to remove any dead branches. You will need to use pruning shears or lopping shears to complete the task. You will need to cut near a leaf or stem at a place where there is the green foliage. For each limb that is dead, repeat the process. Start by removing the entire branch from the main trunk if it is not dead.


Remember that you might also find dead and broken limbs within a bush. One of the first steps to creating a neatly trimmed, round bush is to remove the bulk of the oldest and tallest branches from their bases.

How will your bush look after it has been trimmed?

Did you know that your bush will grow taller and wider once it is all done? To give the stems more height, trim the tops. Cut at a smaller angle to ensure more precision.


Start by cutting branches off the top of the bush. Continue until you are satisfied. To achieve the desired shape, you will need to create a slope in your bush. You'll notice a slope from the top of the bush that runs halfway down to the bush's sides as you trim it.


Next, take your instrument and make small cuts on each side. This helps to balance all branches and prevent them from protruding. This is done to make sure that the sides are smooth. You should cut the sides inwardly, but not too much. Continue working your way to the top of this bush. When you're done working down, you should be able to meet the slope.

These are some more tips to help you cut your shrubs perfectly.

Use a cloth measuring tape to determine the exact dimensions of what you want your bush's final appearance to be.


Have you got any baling wire? Baling wire will hold the bush in place while your ball is trimmed. Use wire cutters to begin cutting a piece from baling wire. Use the wire ends to create a circle.


Baling wire can be used to keep the bush together. Or you can make a topiary frame that you will use to place on top of your bush to cut the dome. To ensure accurate measurements, measure each side of your circle with a measuring tape.


You can also make legs from the baling wire that was used to hold the bush's sides together. Just dig your toes in the dirt.


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