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Metal Roofing Portland

Nov 12

It's a good idea to choose metal roofing for your commercial building

Metal roofing is becoming more popular for commercial structures in areas where there are frequent tropical storms. Although some still believe that a metal roof will make a building look like a barn roof, more people are choosing Metal roofing portland roofs because of the following:

  • It can withstand all the elements.

Metal is immune to extreme weather conditions. For example, metal roofs are resistant to water penetration, regardless of how old they may be. However, other materials such as asphalt and wood can allow for this possibility.


  • It is environmentally friendly

A metal roof is more durable than other roofing materials and can last for decades. You can see all the roofing tiles and shingles in your local landfill if you don't believe my claims.


  • You save money on energy

The unique paint used to coat metal roofs lasts up to 25 years. The metal roof's reflective paint makes it extremely efficient in absorbing the sun's rays.


  • It is a fire-resistant material

If your roof is made from asphalt shingles or wood, you are always worried about it catching on fire. Metal roofing is not subject to this problem, so it's something else to worry about.


  • You could save money over the long term.

Metal roofing is the only material that can last as long as metal. Although it is more expensive initially, a metal roof will last longer than any other roofing material. It can even last up to 70 years without needing much maintenance. Most metal roof manufacturers offer a warranty of 50 years. Metal roofing is becoming more popular among building owners because of its longevity and energy efficiency. This allows them to save time and money.


Let's take a look at the top benefits of a commercial roof made of metal.


  • Cost-effectiveness


Before we can discuss the cost of a roof replacement, it is important to first define two concepts: initial cost and lifetime cost. As you might imagine, the initial cost is the purchase price for the product. Product longevity, energy savings, and replacement costs are all part of the life cycle cost.


  • Longevity

Commercial metal roofing has the advantage of being long-lasting. Commercial roof replacement can be costly in terms of upfront costs and downtime for businesses. Metal roofing is a long-lasting option that will last for many years. This reduces the need to replace roofs throughout the building's life.


  • Durability


Metal roofing is very durable and needs little maintenance beyond its expected lifespan.


For buildings that are susceptible to hail or high winds, metal roofing is the best option. It can be used to protect your building from both cosmetic and severe damage.


Metal roofs are classified by Underwriters Laboratories as Class 4. This means that hail, wind, and storm damage are much less likely. This certification means that metal roofs can withstand much more extreme weather than roofs not classified as Class 4. It also results in lower insurance premiums.


  • Energy efficiency


According to the Department of Energy, heating, cooling, and ventilation account for 35% of building energy costs. A simple way to lower a building's utility loads is metal roofing.


A paint system that has a high solar reflectance (SRI) value can significantly improve the energy efficiency of a building. A business building's energy consumption is reduced, which has a long-term impact on both the owner and the environment.


  • Environmental Advantages


Metal roofing materials can be recycled at 100% after their useful life. Metal roofs are typically made of recycled materials and not the petroleum or chemicals used in other roofing types. They don't end up in landfills.


People considering solar panels should also consider metal roofing. It has a 60-year lifespan and can withstand the most severe elements Mother Nature can throw at them.


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