Littleton’s Guide to What Is A Public Adjuster? When To Hire One And Why

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Public adjusters, also known as public insurance adjusters, are experts in the field of property and casualty claims. They can help homeowners with a variety of issues including insurance disputes, claim payments for policyholders who have been denied their benefits from an insurer, and coverage options for those who may not be eligible to work with an agent or company. Public adjusters serve the public by ensuring that insurance companies are held accountable to their customers’ needs.

A homeowners insurance provides your home with the needed financial protection if a catastrophic incident takes place to it, and it is an important expense for every family.

When your house suffers damage, such as from a toilet leak or storm damage to the roof, you need to contact your insurance agent. Only 6% of homeowners made claims to their insurance companies in 2017 for things like floods, lightning damage, or home fires.

Homeowners need someone to help them make their insurance claims and come to an agreement about what repairs should cost. Public adjusters help residents of a damaged property make amends without relying on an insurance provider.

This is where claim adjusters come into the picture and help you handle your claim. You know the insurance company has adjusters. Have you heard of a public adjuster that you could hire for a claim to your insurance? What reasons would there be to hire a professional public adjuster in Littleton CO?

When should you hire one?

You should hire a public adjuster in Littleton when your home has been damaged due to natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornadoes; if you’ve had a fire in your home; if someone has broken into your house and stolen something valuable; if your insurer is denying a claim; or you are covered by an insurance company and the agent has left.

You may be wondering why it’s so important to have a public adjuster in Littleton on your side, especially as opposed to working with either an agency or other professionals in this field who work for commission.

Public adjusters have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients and they are not allowed by law to accept commissions from any insurer. This means that public adjusters do not work in the interest of an insurance company, but instead will look out for your best interests first and foremost.

This is why it is very important to hire a public adjuster as soon as you’ve had an insurance claim. If your insurer is paying for the damages related to your home, then it may be worth consulting with one and using their expertise in order to negotiate what will happen next on your behalf.

You should also consult with a public adjuster in Littleton CO if you question how your insurer arrived at the damages estimate, or have concerns that other damage may not be covered by them. Public adjusters are licensed professionals who will help cover all of these scenarios on your behalf so that you can focus on what matters most to you in this difficult time.

Claims Process

If you’ve had a property damage issue, then the public adjuster will meet with your insurer and work out an agreement.

The damages estimate is likely what determines how much of your deductible or excess fee that you have to pay before being reimbursed by the insurance company for repairs to your home. This is why it is important to work with a public adjust

However, if you are not satisfied with the insurer’s offer and you have your own contractor or repair company in mind for what needs to be repaired at first glance, then they will assist by assessing this cost estimate.

If there are any discrepancies about what needs to be fixed, then the public adjuster will work with your insurer and make sure that you are compensated for all of your losses.

If every thing is agreed upon between what repairs need to happen on your property and how much it should cost, then they will act as a mediator in making this agreement official.

Difference Between a Public Adjuster and an Insurance Adjuster

Public adjusters are not limited to working on a single insurance company’s behalf.

So if you’ve had damage from another insurer, then they will be able to work with the public adjuster that has been assigned by this other provider in order to come up with an agreement and make it official. This is to make sure that you’re not paying for anything out of your own pocket.

Public adjusters are also more likely to assist in getting a settlement from the other insurance company if there is any damage still left after working with one insurer.

This means public adjusters can help in all sorts of scenarios and scenarios;

If you have a life or health insurance policy, then public adjusters will also be able to assist with claims that are related. For example, if your home is damaged and it’s been declared unlivable by the water damage restoration company in Littleton, then they can work on getting an offer from both of your insurance companies

Since public adjusters work on your behalf, there is no need for you to worry about the details of how this happens or what should be done. They will let you know when they’ve contacted the other company and come up with a settlement offer that both parties agree upon.

Insurance Adjuster

Insurance adjusters are not as knowledgeable about the law and regulations as public adjusters. Public adjusters will have knowledge of which policy applies, how much someone is entitled to based on their coverage plan, and what they should do if there’s a dispute with an insurer. If you want someone who will cover all the bases and keep you in the loop about what’s happening. If there are any disputes, then a public adjuster will be able to represent your interests with an insurance company. This is true even if they’re not working on behalf of that particular insurer because it would mean they’ll have knowledge of what coverage is available

Public Adjusters Work for

Public adjusters work on behalf of the injured party. This means that they will let you know if there’s a settlement offer and when it needs to be agreed upon by both parties in order for them to get started working on your case. This way, you can focus on what matters most without having to think about anything

Pro of Hiring a Public Adjuster

If you find yourself in the process of making a claim with your insurance company, you might consider hiring an public adjuster to help assess damages. This is especially true if the insurance adjuster does not offer sufficient collateral for repairs from your claim.

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