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Bounce House Guide

Oct 21

Obstacle Course Rentals Midlothian are fun for children of any age. This is the perfect activity to plan for a kids party. Your guests will love water slides and bounce houses. There are some things to remember if you're planning on hosting a Bounce House Party in the new year. These were the things that worked well with our family and bounce houses we selected.

Obstacle Courses: These are obstacles designed specifically for bounce houses. This allows you to set up one anywhere and allow children to run, slide, dive and bounce off of the walls. There are many sizes of these obstacle courses. Small ones for toddlers and small children can be purchased for as little $5.00. Giant inflatable slides and other giant obstacle courses for rental are also available which will make your bounce house event something theyll remember for many years to come.

Water Slides: There are many different sizes and styles of water slides available for rent at almost all locations. Inflatable obstacle courses are a great choice for water slides. They can be 40 feet in length. This course provides plenty of room for kids to run, jump, dive and bounce. A water slide rental is great fun for both young and old. The more challenging the inflatable obstacle course, the more fun it will provide.

Play pals: The best thing about Bounce Houses is the possibility to have the children race to their own play buddy. Bumpkin Race is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by both young and old children. There are two types of games available in the Bounce house game area. You can choose to play one-on-one with your bouncer friend and guide them around the obstacle course, trying to bump into as many targets possible. Or you can go head to head. It's great fun for all ages, and a great way of bringing the whole family together.

There are many more attractions available at bounce houses for rent like a giant castle, slides, water slides and more. Check your local area for a full list of available bounce houses and other inflatables. Many locations offer lessons in how to use the inflatables and attractions so you can also have fun.

The next time you are near a local park or other kid-oriented destination check out the wide variety of inflatables and obstacle courses available to use. Bounce houses are not just for older kids anymore. There are bounce houses that can be used by all ages, thanks to technological advances and newer designs. There are many fun and affordable specialty inflatables that you can choose from to make your party a success. You can choose from short, thrilling jumps and slides to long, horizon-spanning courses, mini obstacle courses and the newest model, the 40-foot bounce house. There is an inflatable obstacle course that will suit your every need.