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Amazon's Step To Ensure Safe & Convenient Transaction

Oct 14

On this Wed, some recent reports claimed that Amazon is going to launch a unique system. The system will originally track the trading transaction and it will also be accessed by the verified as well as local Amazon sellers.

The setting will also apply to the Amazon Prime service. So if you are an Amazon Prime member then you can receive your ordered products within an hour without worrying about the money. So now you are free from any tautness of money and time as well.

Point-Of-Sales Transaction System will be Amazon's innovative project which will help the company to compete with the market behemoth "Shopify". Not only this, but the system also has the vigor to give some premium competition to the worldwide popular transaction company "Paypal" which is entirely based on payment services. Moreover, it looks like after eCommerce trading, cloud computing, technological development, and online streaming, Amazon is going to participate in a new marathon.

Project Santos, created by an internal Amazon team to compete with Shopify is leading the project" commented an Insider's journalist.

However, we have already got a few relevant news articles and coverage from some of the well-known channels, last December. Yet, Amazon has refused to comment on any of these controversial statements.

Well, for those who are unaware of this transduction system, POS is designed to monitor and store the records of transactions between a particular seller and buyers to ensure tensionless dealings under Amazon’s label. And surprisingly, it can be used on both online and offline transactions which makes it more convenient and secure. 

It is aimed to be Amazon’s biggest weapon to deal with all those impostors and money-grabbers on its platform. This will be further beneficial for Amazon to improve its reputation and revenue as well.

However, one of the local sellers also mentioned that "This will allow our small business customers to unify their online, offline channel management including offer Amazon One for contactless recognition and payment, and offer customizable loyalty program that can utilize Prime benefits,"

Nowadays, people are trapped in their homes during this pandemic and no one desires to risk their lives over a hairbrush or computer RAM, they ordered online. 

As everything is shifting online, so Amazon's step to propose a POS transaction service is considered as a master-stroke.

So, it was about how Amazon is taking steps to guarantee safe and convenient transactions but if you want to know how you can bring ease and convenience to your selling experience then get in touch with Amazon Account Management Services.

As we all know, every Amazon’s services are primarily focused on its user equally, no matter if they are sellers or buyers. The company has introduced multiple services for every single person and that is the most prominent secret behind the success and popularity of Amazon.