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Innovative Even Mix IBC Tote Mixer

Mar 23

In the industrial and commercial world, IBC totes are a common storage and transport solution. The containers are strong enough to hold large quantities of liquids and have an integral shipping pallet base, allowing for easy movement with a forklift or crane. Unfortunately, the cubic shape of these totes makes them less than ideal for mixing applications. The IBC Tote Mixer from Even Mix in Digital Drive Modes is a new solution for achieving high-quality mixing in totes that eliminates waste and reduces the amount of product that is lost due to degradation in storage.

Whether you need to mix asphalt cements, concrete admixtures, contractor grade paints or dyes for mulch, IBC tote mixers are a great choice. These mixers are simple and easy to use, and the small models can be hand operated or plugged into an electric power source for more intense agitation. IBC tote mixers are also available in higher powered, bracket mounted versions with multiple folding impellers for added stability.

IBC Tote Mixer for Agriculture

For large farming operations, there is a need for fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides that must be mixed and stored properly to ensure the proper efficacy of these chemicals in the field. The Even Mix IBC tote mixer is a powerful tool for addressing these needs and is designed with patented blade technology that provides superior results over traditional options. This innovative tote mixer features a heavy-duty motor built for 800-inch pounds of force that is paired with folded Mixed Flow blades that are unique in both their design and shape.

The blades fold to a point that is easily inserted through the 6-inch opening of an IBC tank and then unfolds to quickly mix the contents throughout the container in just minutes. This efficient mixing process allows you to repurpose the contents of the tote, reducing your raw materials inputs and saving money in the long run.

Another great way to utilize IBC tote mixers is to mount them to the bottom of the container to help you rack and bottle wine or brew. Once fermentation is complete, you will want to transfer the liquid into bottles or barrels for storage and aging. By mounting an IBC tote mixer at the bottom of your tank, you can ensure that the liquid is completely racked before it is moved to the bottle or barrel.

The innovative design of the IBC tote mixer from Even Mix is not only lightweight, but it is also affordable and easy to install on your own. This mixing solution is a game changer for many businesses and industries, and it can help you save time, energy and money while ensuring your products are of the highest quality. Contact us to learn more about the IBC tote mixer and how it can benefit your business. We can also assist you in finding the right mixer for your specific application. We carry a wide variety of industrial mixers, including IBC tote mixers for standard plastic IBC totes and stainless steel tote tanks.



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