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Occupational Therapy Rehabilitate The Daily Activities

Nov 10

Occupational therapy, also called OT, is a healthcare profession that uses intervention to develop or rehabilitate the daily activities—or occupations—of people of any age. Occupational therapists are highly trained and work with a range of patients, from children with autism or motor skill difficulties to adults recovering from a stroke or brain injury and senior citizens dealing with the challenges of aging.

The goals of Occupational therapy to improve daily living are to help individuals regain or learn new skills and to improve the overall quality of life for each individual. These skills include self-care, working or playing, and socializing with friends and family. The OT profession draws from multiple disciplines, including physical therapy, nursing, psychology and psychiatry, to support the holistic needs of its patients.

Some of the most common occupational therapy treatments involve the use of tools and strategies to modify home environments or daily routines. Examples of this would be recommending adaptive equipment like a shower chair or adaptive clothing, providing home safety assessments, or suggesting modifications for improved accessibility. OTs are also well-versed in the management of community wide programs that help prevent disease and encourage healthy lifestyles by conducting education classes, facilitating gardening, delivering ergonomic assessments, and offering pleasurable leisure and physical activity programs.

For seniors who are living with visual impairments, an OT can provide guidance and training to help them adapt to their condition and improve independence. The types of impairments addressed by an OT include low vision, which is the result of a lack of eye sight, and cortical visual impairment, which is caused by damage to the parts of the brain that process vision.

A professional occupational therapist will assess each individual and determine their unique set of needs. A treatment plan will then be designed to address those issues. Whether it’s teaching exercises to improve mobility or creating protective devices such as splints, the goal is to help individuals live more independently and participate in their favorite activities as much as possible.

For those who may need 24-hour care, Visiting Angels can provide experienced live-in caregivers who perform the tasks outlined in your senior’s home care plan while ensuring that they have an eight-hour break each day and bed to rest. Interested families should reach out to their network of family, friends and neighbors for a referral. In addition, they should ask their physician if they know of any services that can assist with their loved one’s care. They should also consider reaching out to their local religious organization as some groups offer meals or social activities that can be attended by elders.

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