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Why A Student Need a Title IX Lawyer

Jun 20

Sexual harassment, stalking, exhibitionism and voyeurism are all forms of discrimination on the basis of gender and are prohibited by Title IX laws. These laws apply to educational institutions receiving federal funding.

Our attorneys ensure that accused students receive their due process rights during disciplinary hearings. Our extensive trial experience translates into a strong defense during an investigation and hearing.


The Title IX laws apply to all schools that receive federal financial aid and protect against sexual assault, harassment, and discrimination in all education programs. This includes schools for both K-12 and higher education.

If you are accused of a Title IX violation, the consequences could be significant, including being removed from the program or denied a degree. The penalties can also be long-lasting, impacting future employment and graduate school opportunities.

A good Title IX Lawyer Mesa can help you fight back against these charges, defending your rights in the process. This will involve ensuring that you are afforded the opportunity to present evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and defend yourself against the accusations.

A skilled Title IX defense attorney will also make sure that the investigation process is fair, taking into account your age and maturity. They will be able to detect bias and other procedural errors that could be used against you on appeal. If the case goes to trial, they can help you win.


Most schools that receive federal financial assistance are subject to Title IX and may be investigating allegations of sexual misconduct. A skilled student defense attorney will ensure you are granted certain rights throughout the process, such as a fair hearing and the ability to cross-examine your accuser.

The standard of proof for Title IX is a preponderance of the evidence, not the stringent "beyond a reasonable doubt" that is applied in criminal cases. Having an experienced lawyer on your side is critical, as it can help prevent a biased outcome in the school disciplinary proceedings and in any future lawsuit against the college.

A Title IX Defense Lawyer can also ensure that you are protected against retaliation by the university or by your employer. This can include anything that interferes with your studies and affects your living conditions, such as changes to your accommodations or work schedules. A good defense attorney can also minimize any negative publicity surrounding the investigation and the hearing.


The reputation and goodwill of your Title IX Defense Lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of your case. An attorney-advisor with experience and expertise in school disciplinary proceedings and Title IX suits against colleges that do not follow the law can protect your rights and help you get an unfavorable result overturned.

Schools are required to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct and provide accused students with a hearing before taking any disciplinary action. These investigations can result in sanctions that could have a negative impact on your academic transcript and future career.

In addition to these consequences, schools often impose interim measures such as no-contact orders and modifying class schedules. These can significantly interfere with your daily life and hinder your ability to participate in student organizations, social activities, fraternities and sororities, and athletics. A Title IX defense lawyer can help you avoid these serious consequences and get back to your normal routine.


When a student is accused of sexual harassment or assault, schools almost always begin a complex disciplinary process that includes investigations, hearings, sanction boards and student panels. This process is often biased against the accused and if basic due process rights are not guaranteed, students can be unfairly punished.

Our Title IX Defense Lawyers can help you collect evidence such as witnesses and written documents, review the school’s investigation reports and prepare you to present your case at a hearing before a decision-maker. They can also assist you in filing a retaliation claim against any person that tries to contact your accuser or threatens your reputation.

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits gender discrimination in educational programs or activities receiving federal financial assistance. However, it does not extend to media organizations or professional sports leagues. Fortunately, our lawyers have successfully brought cases in these areas as well. Our clients have included students, employees and coaches who have been denied equal opportunities for women and girls.



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