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Do You Know About Bounce House Rentals

Jun 20

Combination Bouncer Rentals New Orleans are a great way to add some fun to any party. They keep kids entertained while parents enjoy some time to themselves. They also promote exercise and vitamin D, which is important for growing children.

A bounce house rental business is a good part-time venture that can grow into a full-time career. However, before you start your own business, you need to understand the industry and competition.

Water Slide Rentals

Nothing says fun like a super slick water slide on a hot summer day. Whether you’re hosting a backyard party, carnival, school event, church gathering, or community event, water slides are an ideal center-piece attraction that will draw attention from blocks away. We offer a variety of options from single lane to double lane waterslides, water bounce houses, water combos, and even water obstacles for varied age groups. All of our inflatable rentals are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to each use, so you can rest assured that your children and guests will be playing on safe equipment. Click on a water slide rental below to learn more and reserve yours today! *Prices may vary based on duration, peak dates, additional services, travel distance, set up surfaces, etc.

Party Rentals

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or just want to relive your childhood, the party rental industry offers a variety of options for all ages. From inflatables and bounce houses to tents, tables, and kitchen equipment, the rental industry has everything you need to host a successful event. Before you start a business in this industry, it is important to conduct market research to examine your competitors and the overall landscape of your local area.

A successful website for a party rental company must deliver relevant information effectively, be visually appealing, and function flawlessly. It is also vital to promote your services with high-quality photos and compelling copywriting. You can also offer up-selling techniques to increase revenue, such as providing decor services to complement your rentals. This is a powerful marketing strategy that can boost customer loyalty and retention. In addition, it can help your customers feel confident in your abilities. You can start a party rental business with any of the following four legal structures: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or LLC.

Bounce House Rentals

The bounce house rental business is a great option for entrepreneurs looking to start a new business with minimal risk. The industry is worth $6bn a year, and although it took a hit during the COVID-19 crisis, it is now making a comeback as social distancing has eased.

Bounce houses are a staple for children’s parties and can be found at almost any birthday party, family gathering, or community event. They’re also fun for adults and can be even more exciting with the addition of water slides, obstacle courses, giant Jenga, Connect Four, or a photo booth.

If you’re considering starting your own bouncy castle business, make sure to consider the local market and competition. It’s also important to have a professionally designed website, as it will act as the modern equivalent of your business card. Online advertising technology has become incredibly advanced, allowing you to target your audience with greater precision than ever before.


Inflatables are popular for children's birthday parties, but you can also rent them for other events. Inflatables can be a fun addition to baby showers, festivals, fairs, and weddings. They're also great for keeping kids entertained at summer camps and day cares.

Bounce houses are the most common inflatables, but you can also rent water slides, obstacle courses, and sports games. Inflatables need to be on a flat surface, so you'll need to make sure your venue has a large enough area.

Inflatable rental businesses can be a great way to earn extra income. But before you decide to start one, be sure to research the market and learn as much as you can about it. You'll need to know the number and age range of your target audience as well as the types of inflatables that are popular in your area. It's also important to think about how much money you want to invest in your business and whether it's a full- or part-time venture.