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Water Slide Rentals-Water Slide Combos

May 31

Our incredible collection of water slides can transform any event into a wet, wild celebration. These giant inflatables will be the center of attention and attract people from miles away, About to know more:

They are all made from lead-free vinyl and cleaned and sanitized before every rental. Select your desired rental, click the "More Information" link or image to get more details and make a reservations.

Bounce Houses

Kids love inflatable bouncers. They are made with lead-free vinyl for safety and are cleaned and sanitized after every use. Prices for bounce house rental vary, but most companies offer inflatables that can be rented in blocks of 4 to 8 hours.

Bounce houses with water slides cost more than bounce houses without slides. A flat area is required within 100 ft from a source of water to connect the misting tube. It may be necessary to rent an extension cable if the location is far away from water sources.

Bounce houses are available for all occasions, including birthday parties, festivals and school functions. Rental companies can offer additional items like tables and chairs and concession machines. They also have obstacle courses, dunk pools, rock climbing walls, dunk tanks and other fun things to enhance your event. Some even offer delivery and pick up services which can save you a lot of time.

Water Slides

Inflatable slide slides are great fun for children and adults. These slides can be used at any event or party. Renting inflatable slides can transform any space into a fun waterpark, whether you're planning an indoor or outdoors party.

These days, water slide are common in amusement park and even in backyards. But they weren't so common. Herbert Sellner was a Minnesota furniture maker who invented the first water slide in 1923. The "Water-Toboggan Slide" was his design. It consisted of an incline sled on which people rode and slid into a pool or lake.

The physics behind the waterslide are based on friction and gravity. When people climb a slideslide, they build up potential energy. As they reach their destination, the potential energy is transformed into kinetic power-the energy that drives motion. Gravity then kicks in and speeds things up as riders slide down the slide. The presence of water, rafts and intertubes can reduce friction.

Bounce House Combos

A bounce house combo can be a great way to entertain kids at a party. Combination bounces houses have a traditional bouncing area with a climbing wall or attached water slide. They are great for summertime parties where children can bounce up a sweat and then cool themselves down with the slide.

Bounce house combos are available in many different sizes and styles to accommodate different parties or events. Combos make great additions to birthday parties, graduations, backyard BBQs, and other events.

Rentals of a combo or bounce house can cost between $100 and $200 per day, depending on where you live in the country and how many days you need it. Rental companies may include additional items that go with a bouncy palace, such as playgrounds and ball pits. If your party is located outside the service area of the company, a delivery surcharge could be applied. This is usually a per-mile fee or a fixed rate to compensate employees for driving from and to your location.

Water Slide Combos

This combo of a water slide and bouncehouse will transport you into a tropical paradise right in your own backyard. The bounce house will get the kids sweating, and then they can cool down and refresh themselves with the water slide.

This space saving combo has a big jumping area, basketball hoop, as well as a water slide which can be used dry or wet! The netting is finger safe and there is a "no - jump" platform to make it safer. Add a hose for cooling off in the summer!

This 19' waterslide is equipped with 2 thrilling wet n' wild slide tracks that lead to an air-inflated landing. This is sure to be a hit with guests of all ages.

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