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What to Bring and Expect from a Snow Goose Hunt with Top Gun Guide Service Inc.

Apr 5

It is Arkansas Spring Snow Goose Hunting season, and many states have very liberal bag limits and no plug laws. On average, the harvest range is 20 birds per day, with exceptional days of harvest being over 100 birds. During a 3-day snow goose hunting trip, hunters are required to bring 8 boxes of shells, specifically 12-gauge 3" BB or BBB. It is recommended that hunters also bring a facemask, knee-high boots suitable for muddy conditions, and warm and waterproof clothing, as they will be hunting from sunrise to sunset. Although guides will take a midday break, hunters are encouraged to hunt all day long. The temperature during the hunt can range from as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, bird cleaning services and lodging are available, but they are not included in the hunting  Arkansas Spring Snow Goose Hunting Guides package.

Equipment and Group Numbers

During a snow goose hunt, hunters typically hunt behind a large number of decoys (800-2000) of snow geese. These decoys are usually Deadly Decoys or Dakota Full Bodies. Electronic callers are also used during the hunt. The number of hunters in each field is limited to 6-10, depending on the number of hunters in the group. The hunters use either panel blinds or layout blinds during the hunt. Our North Dakota Duck Hunting Guides works with each group to ensure that they are accommodated based on their blind preference.

Guides – The Top Gun Way

Hunters can expect to work with highly dedicated and energetic snow goose hunting guides  who are willing to relocate across states during the 100-day North Dakota Duck Hunting season to follow the feeding and migration patterns of the birds. Our snow goose hunting guides work as a team and have developed a proven system over the years, which is reflected in our established client base. Our guides will expect clients to be flexible in their travel plans and Arkansas Spring Snow Goose Hunting Outfitters, as the snow geese may migrate quickly and without notice, and the hunting guides will have to move from one state to another on short notice to follow the birds. However, this flexibility is for the benefit of the clients, as our guides work hard to locate the "right birds" for you to hunt, meaning that we will focus on the middle to the end of the flock, if possible. Our guides also scout the next state north to which they will be moving in order to stay on top of the geese's feeding and migrating patterns.


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