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All Cities Expedite Towing San Diego Ca | 4 Services That Tow Truck Companies Offer

May 6

Our towing company offers towing services along with a number of roadside assistance services to help you if you’re stranded on the road. Here is a list of all the services we offer at All Cities Expedite Towing:


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Car Battery Services

Batteries usually get weaker faster in the winters as they are sensitive to colder temperatures. An easy way to charge your car battery is to jump-start it with another vehicle’s battery. You connect the terminals from the other battery and try to start your car after that.

If your battery is completely dead and won’t charge even with a jump-start, then you need a battery replacement. Our towing company offers mobile battery replacements and can provide a new battery in no time.

Vehicle Lockout Services

Another common problem we get calls for is that the customer has locked their keys in the car. Lockout services are extremely useful as professionals can easily unlock your car with their high-quality tools and skills. It doesn’t even matter which vehicle or model your car is; the process is quick and easy.

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Off-Road Recoveries

Off-Road recovery services are important for people who often go for hikes or picnics near rough terrain. The services are useful in case your vehicle gets stuck in the mud or breaks down off-road. Often, people make a mistake by revving the engine constantly, which leads to the motor blowing, making it a much bigger problem. However, calling a towing company is the best idea in this situation because their tow trucks are made to pull all sorts of vehicles, even 4x4s, so you’ll be out of the situation in no time.

Heavy-Duty Towing


It’s obvious that a towing company offers towing services, however, a lot of them don’t offer heavy-duty towing. It is usually for vehicles that are larger in size, like trucks and busses. They require a much larger recovery truck to pull them because they are equipped with a self-loader, boom, chain, hook, wheel-lift, and a flatbed. All these components are essential in the towing of heavy-duty vehicles.

So if you’re looking to get any of these services near San Diego, you can contact us anytime for our 24/7 towing services. We know how important it is to offer this roadside assistance and want to make it as swift as possible for our customers. Other than that, we also offer tire repair services, and if you’re stuck on the road because of no fuel, we can offer fuel delivery services too.


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