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Getting Rid of Age Spots

Dec 14

Your skin gets its color as a result of melanin, a chemical in the body. More melanin is created from spending time in the sun. If your body develops way too much melanin, you may get blemishes, dark patches and age spots. Some people are concerned about the appearance of these age spots and want to get rid of them. If you'd like to do away with them, you have a few options.

One option is a chemical peel, which can do a really good job at reducing the appearance of age spots on your face. A chemical peel removes the outer  layers of skin cells, so that new skin cells can take their place. These brand-new cells do not have as much melanin in them as the old ones, so the skin looks clearer. However, chemical peels can be very harsh on your skin. Consequently, your skin needs time to heal afterwards. When the procedure is finished, it is important to look after your new sensitive skin.

Exfoliating is a more gentle option if chemical peels are too harsh for you. With this process, dead skin cells are removed, which permits other skin cells to take their place. These cells do not have as much melanin. You can safely exfoliate your skin up to several times per week. There are a number of products on the market, however a mix of sugar and honey works well. Exfoliating gloves also work well. Just like with a chemical peel, it is important to hydrate your skin afterwards.

There are also lots of topical treatments and creams you can try. Check the label for alpha hydroxy acids. Also, a couple of other excellent active ingredients to seek are retinoids and beta hydroxy acids. They do away with dead skin cells as well as boost the total appearance of your skin. Some of these creams are strong and ought to be used with care. If your skin is very delicate, or if you are prone to outbreaks, make sure you do a patch test first. Additionally there are natural plant based items, such as Amaira Natural Skin Lightening Serum, that are a lot milder on the skin.

If you have age spots, you need to take care whenever you go outside. They are the outcome of prolonged exposure to the sun, so it is necessary to avoid the sun if you want to get rid of them and keep them away. Always use sun block, and consider investing in a good sun hat as well.

If you have age spots, they don't need to be permanent. Work out which of the treatments above is a good fit for you and then stick with it until you see results. Consider seeing a dermatologist, if you are having trouble solving the problem on your own.