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Casanova Tarot Review

Dec 11

The Casanova Tarot is a theme, art, and erotic tarot deck. It is considered an esoteric deck, and has been marketed as such. As a collector's item, the Casanova Tarot is also ideal for readings of a physical nature and ordinary people. It features a naughty male who adores a woman. This tarot is suitable for physical readings, as it shows Casanova's sex life.

The Casanova Tarot features an erotic twist on traditional tarot. Many of the images focus on the amorous adventures of the man, who lived in Venice in the eighteenth century. Although the art is erotic, it relates to the archetypes of the tarot. Because of the erotic influence, the creator of the Tarot wanted to honor the eponymous explorer.

There are many differences between the traditional tarot and Casanova Tarot. While the majors, such as Strength and Justice, are archetypes, they are numbered differently than other decks. Some of the cards are more erotic than others, while others are more conventional. The racial cards, such as the Hierophant and the Magician, are G-rated. Similarly, the Court of Cups, the King, and the Minor Arcana are erotic as well.

The images in the Casanova Tarot are erotic in nature. In addition to the amorous adventures of Casanova, they relate to the tarot archetypes. The creator also incorporated the historical and romantic surroundings of the man's life into the deck. While the images in the Tarot of Giacomo were based on the real-life persona, they remain erotic in nature.

The Little White Book of Love is a 78-card deck that is based on the life of Casanova. The artwork in the deck features sensual and erotic imagery from Venice. The creators of the Little White Book of Love have apologized for the sensuality of the deck. The tarot of Casanova has become a popular choice among readers. The tarot of this famous man is the most detailed ever published.

The Little White Book of Love features sensual and erotic imagery of the life of Casanova. The tarot of Casanova includes images of Venice landmarks, cultural scenes, and erotic images. It is ideal for people who enjoy eroticism and romance, and the 78-card deck is based on the life of this famous man. A black version was published in 2019 after the deck's original white-border was discontinued.

The Little White Book of Love was created by the creators of the famous tarot deck. The deck was inspired by the life of Casanova and depicts romantic scenes from the city of Vienna. The artists used sensuality and eroticism to create the deck. The creators of the deck apologized to those who might be offended by the images and the stories of the deck. The new edition is a great addition to your collection of tarots.